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My Branding Refresh Mood Board: Inspiration Guide 🥰

The refresh that comes with updating your branding material is just... well, refreshing! 🥰 Mood board Inspo guide included!

There's something magical about refreshing our marketing and branding visuals. Our materials look crisp, we get inspired to create even more, and we give the world new professional content to engage with.

As I update my marketing and branding visuals, I can't help but smile every time I look at them. The headshots are honestly perfect! They came out even better than I had planned. The keyword here is “planned".

Planning was an important part of staying on track and making sure I got the headshots I needed for each of my brands. I have two brands and am an influencer for several others. Each brand has its own unique identity, so I planned the shots and the outfits to make sure I had the right shots to represent each. Plus, I wanted to make the most of the hair, makeup, and prep that goes into a headshot session. I even snuck in a birthday shot - that hair was just perrrrrfect!

So, whether we're DIY-ing your headshots (more on that later) or having them professionally done, planning will ensure you make the most of it by getting the shots you absolutely need with that said, I am sharing my mood board with you so you can take a sneak peek at what I planned and what I ended up with. It was quite close! Here it is - I also included a few of my favorite shots! 😆

Fellow entrepreneurs and creatives, what was your most recent branding refresh like? Share your stories and inspire each other!

Much love,


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